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I was in a bad auto accident. I didnt have insurance, and I needed someone to fix my truck for me. I had done previous business with this company, but they only had my truck for a few hours. They did complete that job fine, but how hard is it to black out some tail lights and install a spoiler. I chose this company because I new they did alot of custom work, and sense i did previous business with them i trusted them. The body shop manager name is Tony. My meeting with Tony went well. It was great. Although I could not afford it, the job would cost me $8,000.00 and the job would be complete within 2 weeks. The truck was in bad shape, but if i had to pay it i had to pay it right? Tony immediately started searching for parts for me while i was there in the shop. I'm thinking, "man i really like this company". Tony told me that he is going to work on everything, and get my truck back to me. At first, Tony told me 1 week, but then, he changed it to two weeks, which was fine with me. (Now not being in this business, i didnt know that 2 weeks would be impossible, or maybe it isnt, but i just didnt know because im not in that business). I left the shop, and I just waited it out. A few days later, I came back with the $2,500.00 deposit that Tony required to get started. Tony, the nice guy that he is, took me in back of the shop where my truck was parked(outside in there gated area), and showed me that they had removed the engine from the truck.  Im like wow these guys move fast.

After 1 week, that Friday, I called them to just check on the job. I don't remember for sure if he said it is going as scheduled or if they need more time, but either or, we talked, we got off the phone, and that was that.

Second Week: I called again on Friday, to see if the truck was ready, and I was told its not, and it wont be. Tony seemed to be upset that i was just calling to check on the truck. The way his tone was, but you know what, I just took it as maybe he is just having a bad day, and let it go without getting upset.

Third Week: Called on the truck, the truck is still not ready. Tony is waiting for parts

Fourth Week: Called on the truck, the truck is still not ready. Tony is waiting for parts. Tony decides to invite me to a car show and give me free tickets to the show out in Daytona i believe it was, who cares.

Fifth Week: Tony has the parts in. Now, they are about to put the truck together, and I will have the truck in 2 weeks for sure.

Sixth Week: Waiting on Tony

Seventh Week: MY $5000.00 WHEELS AND TIRES STOLEN (I WONDER BY WHO?) Hey you know what, we got our first phone call from Tony. Isnt it nice in business to finally see the company you are dealing with phone number come across the screen of your cell phone, instead of you dialing out all the time for updates? Well, I answer the phone, thinking the car would be ready. Tony is calling me to let me know, hey im sorry but we had your Cadillac Escalade with 24 inch rims sitting outside in our junk yard behind our shop, instead of in the shop, and because of that, your wheels were stolen last night. The police are here, and they want to talk to you.


The police officer takes a report from me. Lets me know they are doing an investigation, but it turned out later that investigation brought back no finger prints. I had wheel locks on my wheels. Who had the key to those wheel locks? Eye Candy had the key because the key to the wheel locks was in the glove department.  I later called the police officer who took the report, and he told me, that there was something not right about this theft. I wont get into that, but the camera system was supposedly destroyed, and the camera that was on my car was not working. Eye Candy told me that they have been broken into many times and stuff like this has happened in the pass. They said they in no way or form stole my wheels and i should not think anything like that.

Well answer this Eye Candy: Does it ever come a time since you know your customers wheels come up missing from time to time, that you would take the wheels off and store them, instead of leaving customers cars outside with expensive wheels on them? I doubt this day will ever come , because you are the thieves stealing customers wheels, and selling them. You have a sign that says your not responsible for customers items. I would have that sign also if i could use it in court also.

8th Week: By this time, Im done with Tony, I have cursed him out enough and its not getting me anywhere. Im now speaking with Charles, the operations manager. Charles, is very nice to me. Tells me he is sorry for all of this, and that he is going to replace my wheels , but not as nice as the ones i had. He says, I will have you your truck within 2 weeks for sure, and there going to make it happen no matter what. Im pist, but happy to talk to someone else.

9th Week: I decide to call Mr Charles about my truck. Lets put him to the test to see if he is just like Tony, or if he is real as he claims he is on the phone from last week. I call him and let him know, that Im coming the shop to just check on my truck. Charles, immediately goes off, and tells me who in the (you know what) do i think i am! Thats right, thats what he said to me, he has my truck in his shop, and is telling me who in the (you know what) do i think i am? I told Charles im done with them. We cursed each other out for a bit, and by that time, I told him look i want my truck out of your shop. I was told 2 weeks, its been 9 weeks, and my wheels were stolen at that. He told me to get a bond receipt from the court.

10th Week: I came with the Orlando Police Department to the Eye Candy shop. They told me they will handle the receipt for me.  These 2 officers also let me know that they go through this type of stuff all the time with that company. They got the  receipt i needed to take to the court along with the money to get the bond receipt, and it was for 4500 bucks. So, on top of the 2500 i paid them up front, they want another 4500, which is 7000 in total, and the job was 8000 to complete.

11th Week: I come back with the bond receipt from the court, and im thinking my car is going to be at least 90% complete with me owing them 7000 bucks. The truck was not even 50% done. All they had did over 9 weeks was take the engine out, cut the frame and weld back on another piece of a frame, put the engine back in, and put on a new hood and fenders. Thats it. The fenders they put on were not even to my type of truck, they were to a Chevy Tahoe, my truck is a Cadillac Escalade. By doing this, they had to cut into the fender and make some adjustments to make it fit the best they could. They had to give me moldings to attach to the tahoe fenders, on the cadillac escalade the moldings are built in to the fenders. They gave me a bunch of parts and sent me on my way. I had to have the truck towed to another shop. The tow truck driver told me of how his friends wheels were stolen from that shop also. Wow

My truck is a Cadillac Escalade. I had the truck towed to the Cadillac Body Shop that is right down the street from Eye Candy. The foreman of that body shop, used to work for Eye Candy, and told me of so many different illegal things that this company does to people. He said when he worked there, wheels turned up missing all the time. He also let me know that they cut the frame of my truck back to far, and what they welded on was not a good weld job making safety a big issue on this truck now.

 Through it all, it was a big waste of over $12,000.00 . My truck still is not even half finished, everything under the hood is apart. I went to court on this matter to get the $4500 back, but the court sided with them because of some odd reason. Actually, technically i know the exact reason, but i wotn disclose that on this website. I had no chance in court, the judge wasnt even trying to hear me it seems. After all of that, they won in court. I contacted other government officials regarding this, but they wont take the time to do anything about this company that should be shut down.


Here is a response by Charles that he posted on ripoffreport.com about a post i made on the site about there company

Mr. Rodney expects his vehicle to be fixed for FREE (Rodney: if i wanted it for free, i dont think i would have given you $2500.00 up front to start the work)

Mr. Rodney requested that we fix his truck that was involved in a front end collision without insurance. We estimated the price to fix his 2003 Cadillac Escalade at approximately $8000.00. Mr. Rodney put a deposit of $2500.00 down with a balance owed of $5500 due before completion of the vehicle repairs(This is a lie, the 5500 was due when the truck was completed for me to get the keys to the truck and be able to get it back, not before the completion of the job. If that was the case lyer, then why would i have to give a $2500 deposit right? Please people read thrugh the lies. If this was the case, then the entire 8 thousand would be required before you complete the job? Bold Face lie. This is what this sorry  guy  decided to write to cover up the fact that they quoted me two weeksn and two months went by and they didnt complete the job even half way). Again, reason being: Mr. Rodney did not have insurance.

We have yet to receive the balance owed(Of course you wouldnt because the balane would be due when the truck was fixed, which it never was). He has done nothing but harass our employees(not true spoke only with charles and tony every friday about there scam they ran on me), contact every agency to complain (sure did ), but has yet to pay the amount due. This past week, Mr. Rodney contacted the Orlando Police Department hoping we would release his truck without payment(Not true i expected to pay for the 2500 which i did that they asked for for parts, and some type of labor, but not 4500 bucks now that i can see the truck was not even half way fixed). We explained the situation and the officer relayed to us that Mr. Rodney says to stop working on the vehicle. However, we will not release the vehicle without payment.

The main issue is not the work performed; it is the balance due that Mr. Rodney refuses to pay(we never had one discussion about me refusing to pay anything He told me about the bond receipt and the bill owed, i paid it,). We have gone out of our way to resolve this matter with Mr. Rodney professionally(Nothing about you, or your company is professional.).

It is unfortuate that his
wheels were stolen but we offered to REPLACE his wheels(Yea with garbage that was used and cost about 1000 bucks, ill pass, but thanks for the dummy wheels you gave me to get my truck off the lot, how much were those 10 bucks a piece?). We were broken into and a police report was filed. Mr. Rodney is well aware of this yet continues to make false accusations and we refuse to stoop to his level of name calling and harrassment(Name calling and harrassment , you deserve to be in jail for years, you and your operation. Everything i said, i meant, everything i said is true, and everything you do, god will make sure it comes back to you)  

We have sent a 10 day demand letter and will proceed to collect the balance owed to us(Of course you did, i would do that to if i was a scam artist, and i knew that after 10 days i could put a lien. Just how many cars that were in accidents have you sold parts off again?). If there are
any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. Orlando's Auto Specialists always strives for the highest quality of customer service. Nothing about your company, as so many people have experienced, is professional. Your company survives for one reason, and I know that reason, we both know it, thank them.

Charles Hossairati

Its quite clear here that nothing this idiot says is making any sense. If you are looking for a shop, I would suggest, and its my opinion, that you stay away from this shop. Dont let there website fool you. Its nice and all, but dont fall for that. Everything i have said, is the honest to god truth. I have no reason to lie, but they have plenty of reasons to lie. Ask around town, and im sure everyone knows someone who has been scammed by these people. Ask other shops, ask tow truck drivers, ask police officers of the drama that has went on there. Someone wrote on  a local site review that these guys are a bunch of gangsters, thats far from the truth. Where im from, Detroit, had they been trying to pull this crap, they wouldnt get away with it I assure you. Oh yea, so i have my truck at my house sitting there looking a mess sense i dont have the cash to get it repaired after wasiting so much with them. I decided to have a mobile auto body guy come by and give me a quote. I told him what happened, and he told me he used to work for these losers also. I told me stories of how they do people, he event told me of a professional athlete who they scammed also. Is it true, i dont know but i believe everythig . ALl these people are not saying this stuff for nothing.



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To submit your links send to rwalkerfla@yahoo.com . If you have went through the same thing or have a story, send it to me and ill make sure its blasted all over the world.

Here are the photos that I have. Now look at this job, now think about it, the job was $8,000.00 to complete. Besides the $5,000.00 wheels that turned up missing, this is what they charged me $7,000.00 for to give me my truck back. So, if the truck looks like this, wow they must werre going to do all the rest for $1,000.00. Man, this is what I call excellent customer service. Can you see how i was ripped off. The truck does not even run, or start at all. It does nothing, and a few people cant get it to start that looked at it. What did my money go on?



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